Why did I decide to participate in National Novel Writing Month this November?

shield-nano-blue-brown-rgb-hiresI love a good challenge. Sometimes it’s the challenge that lights the fire under my office chair. Writing 50,000 words in thirty days is going to be a challenge.

For the past year, my brain has been brewing up a story for Katy, Hannah and David’s sister. Hannah is the heroine in book two that will be released by year end. In the process of thinking about Katy and finishing Hannah’s story, I came up with an idea. Book two has a major twist in the end that I am sure the reader isn’t going to want to wait for the story to be released.

So, using the month of November to write the story is a good motivator to get it down. Besides, Katy’s story isn’t a full-length novel. It’s a novella, and fifty thousand words is about right to tell Katy’s story.

I also joined in the NANOWRIMO contest because of the community of fellow writers that it builds. I’m looking forward to meeting other writers on this journey, make new friends and build a network of support.

Today, I wrote 1702 words.

Here’s a snippet –

Lydia wrapped the wool coat tight around her and shivered. Under the cover of night, her heart pounded in her chest as she quietly loaded the car with the children’s clothes a few toys, diapers and snacks for the long drive ahead.
Slipping into David’s room, she gently nudged him awake. “David, wake up sweetie.” At eight years old he was too heavy for her to carry.
“What is it?” he asked rubbing his eyes.
“Come on, get up and go downstairs,” she whispered.
“Shsh, quiet. Just do as I ask.”
She entered the girl’s room where Hannah and Katy slept in twin beds. Kneeling beside Hannah’s bed she rubbed her daughters back. “Hannah, wake up.”
“What is it mamma?”
“Shsh, I need you to go downstairs and put your coat on.”
Her daughter didn’t ask why, only obeyed.
She scooped up Katy, rubbing her little girl’s back she crept downstairs. “David, get your coat on. You two go get in the car. Be quiet.”
“Where are we going?” David asked in full voice.
Her heart leaped. “Shsh, I’ll tell you in the car.”
Please God, let Georgia sleep through this. She didn’t want to have yet another argument with her husband’s mistress. She refused to think of Georgia as her husband’s second wife. They weren’t married by law; in fact, he was breaking state law. But the state of Montana turned a blind eye to polygamy.  On the other hand, she was legally married to a man she barely recognized any longer. A man that as time passed she learned to despise.

It’s not perfect, but at this stage of the game, it doesn’t have to be. The goal is to get the story out of my head and into my computer.

Are you participating in NANOWRIMO? If so, what are you writing?

Good luck to you.

Why I am participating in NANOWRIMO

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