The Aviator's Wife

The Aviator’s Wife by Melanie Benjamin

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Rarely does a story stick with me for days after finishing it.

My grandmother used to say, “you never know what goes on behind closed doors.” That is very true in this account of Anne. From being the smart, capable daughter of an ambassador to the grinning wife of an American hero. To glimpse inside the lives of a couple hunted down by the media and get a peek at their struggles, heartbreak, and triumphs – this story brought the Lindbergs to life.

The writer took time to introduce Anne and Charles, that for today’s fast-paced fiction might turn off some. But I’m glad I stuck with it.

I so related to Anne as a smart and capable woman in her own right, but eclipsed by her husband’s passion and his inability to share his heart. Being reminded that in those days a woman didn’t just up and leave her husband because he was a cold, intellectual, dweeb. Anne’s courage and strength to go on after unspeakable tragedy and neglect – yes, even abandonment by her husband speaks volumes of this woman’s fortitude.

To learn of Charles’ anti-semitic beliefs, arrogance that knew no bounds, and finally his infidelity – for me, tarnished his heroic and iconic status. But then again, he was only human.

Maybe, that’s what I take away from this story, this couple in all their fame, amazing achievements, and lasting legacy that changed this country – in the end they were only human.

Note: I listened to this story on audio. The narration was done very well. The narrator’s voice sounded a little older as to make you feel like Anne was looking back and telling the story of her life.

The author has a wonderful way of weaving the story, wording things in such a way as to put you right there with the characters.

I look forward to enjoying other stories by this author.

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