The White City by Grace Hitchcock

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This is an intriguing story that blends the historical account of H. H. Holmes, a man dubbed America’s first serial killer with the fictional story of a strong, gutsy heroine Winnifred Wylde. The book is a spicy cozy mystery in that danger and intrigue lead to a page turning ending.
Winnie is the daughter of a Chicago Inspector and coupled with her love of books and an active imagination, she is convinced she witnessed a woman abducted at the World’s Fair. To keep her safe, her father assigns Detective Jude Thorpe to watch over her. With Winnies keen eye, she quickly discovers the detective, and a friendship is ignited as they search for who is responsible for women going missing.
In the meantime, Winnie’s Aunt engages in match making that leads to an introduction to Percy Valentine, a man with his own secrets. With two potential suitors, one dangerous killer on the loose, the author takes the reader on an enjoyable journey.
The historical backdrop of the Chicago World’s Fair adds a richness to the storyline without being overdone. While Winnie is a gutsy, independent young lady, she is neither mousy nor too modern. The author finds a good balance in keeping with the decorum of the time period while creating a heroine the reader can relate with and cheer for.
I am looking forward to the next Grace Hitchcock book as this is an author I will follow.

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The White City

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