The Rose Code by Kate Quinn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Winner of the novel of the year award!

This is the first book I’ve read by Kate Quinn and she has a new fan. How she introduces you into the lives of three young women, sharing their hopes, dreams and fears draws the reader in. As Osla, Beth and Mab form a friendship, the reader falls in love with these women.

Kate does a wonderful job of immersing the reader into a world that is both foreign and quirky. A world of the greatest minds Britain had to offer during WWII who with their dedication and hard work made a profound impact on the outcome of the war. The descriptions of the work and of Bletchley Park sets the reader in the mysterious facility and the lives of the characters. So much so, I dreamed of the characters like they were friends.

The amount of research and the honor Kate pays to the real-life men and women of Bletchley Park add to the realism and compelling story. As things begin to pick up pace both in the war, in the codebreakers fight and, in the story, I found it difficult to put this book down. The twist and turns had me laughing, crying, and shouting.

In the end, Kate expertly wrapped up all lose ends in a satisfactory conclusion. You know how there are books that after you’ve read them, you know they will stay with you forever? Like a Woman of Substance, The Rose Code will forever live in my literary heart as one the best books I’ve ever read.

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The Rose Code – Winner of my novel of the year award!

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