Knox (The Montana Marshalls, #1)

Knox by Susan May Warren

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I won’t let you go. I’m going to get you out of here.” That is what Knox says and lives by. He’s a man of his word. He’s a tough bull-riding cowboy with a soft side that its endearing. The family dynamics between Knox and his brothers, along with his mother is believable.

Knox is the only guy who could get close enough to Kelsey and help her feel safe. Sadly, Kelsey has a very torched past and it is this past that the author builds the character around. So much so, that it’s hard to get to know Kelsey as a character since her character is tightly wrapped around what happened to her as a teen. She felt a little one dimensional.

As the suspense of who is after Kelsey plays out, there are other possibilities that are introduced and lead the reader in another direction. However, who the bad guy(s) are isn’t clear. Due to not wanting to spoil the punch line, I’m not going to give details. But as a reader who loves a good suspense, I felt a little cheated.

I was left wondering did he or did he not blow up the bus? Was he the bad guy who found the ranch and Kelsey or was it another bad guy? These questions were not resolved.

When a bad guy found the girls, they hid behind a bench on a hill top? What? Surely, they’d be seen. There was a missed opportunity. The author had foreshadowed a hiding place behind the waterfall that would have hidden them better than a bench on a hill.

Who was the bad guy who found the ranch? We don’t know.

True to the title, this is a story about Knox who gets caught up in the life of a tortured soul, Kelsey. But other than Knox having a savior complex, I am not sure why he falls in love with Kelsey.

In the end, Kelsey is on stage, in her safe place, when Knox takes down the bad guy. Kelsey is not granted the opportunity to stand up to her demon and face her past. When the heroine is as broken as Kelsey, I would’ve liked to have seen her face the enemy with God’s help. To see that God won’t let go and he gets us through and out of every storm.

I would have loved to see Kelsey no longer a victim, but victorious as she stands up against the evil done to her. Only then, would someone as damaged as Kelsey be able to know love.

After Knox gets the bad guy, they go back to the hotel room and go for a walk . . . walking off the pages of this story so the next scene is the beginning of the next book.

The story is a fast-paced read and the Marshall family is endearing. You can never go wrong setting a book under the big sky of Montana. Besides, who doesn’t love a handsome cowboy with a soft heart?

This book was provided to me free for an honest review.

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