Lee Metcalf Wildlife Refuge

The Sapphire Series is set in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. The historic town of Stevensville is featured. While the town, Saint Mary’s Mission and other places are real, the characters are not.

Why the Bitterroot Valley? I lived in the valley for several years and was inspired by the beauty, the tight-knit community, and kind people. While living in Stevensville Montana, my life was radically transformed.

Setting the series in the valley is my tribute to the last best place.

Main Street, Stevensville, Montana

To learn more about the town of Stevensville, visit the following websites.

The Main Street Association
The Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce
Saint Mary’s Mission
Lee Metcalf Refuge



If you can’t visit the Bitterroot Valley, then I encourage you to join me in experiencing the beauty and community through the Sapphire Series.

A Matter of Courage – Available on Amazon and Kindle
A Matter of Hope – anticipated release February 2017
A Matter of Faith – anticipated release Summer 2017
A Matter of Sacrifice – a novella anticipated release Winter 2017
A Matter of Forgiveness– anticipated release Winter 2018