Tides of Honour

Tides of Honour by Genevieve Graham

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A true human interest story told from the back-drop of WWI. The providential meeting of a young English woman and a Canadian Soldier leads to a sweet romance. The reality of a man dealing with the aftermath of war collide with the idealistic and talented artist. Daniel and Audrey struggle to make a life for themselves and deal with the emotional trauma of war. It’s a heart tugging story of their love and struggles.
The story takes a dramatic turn in the retelling of the worst marine disaster in Canadian history if not the world. The author does an amazing job of dropping the reader in the disaster, showing the devastation and wreckage to the city and the lives of those who somehow survive. Her retelling of this horrific events through the eyes of the characters inspired me to watch the documentary. The author does a wonderful job in showing life before and after the Halifax Explosion.
The reader is taken on an emotional journey of redemption and forgiveness, neatly wrapped in history. I highly recommend this book for anyone who enjoys a heart tugging romance and early 1900’s history.
After three days of finishing the story, I find myself still thinking about the characters and their journey.

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Heart Tugging look at History

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