Through the years I’ve met so many terrific single ladies who want to be married. Some are young and new to the whole experience of love; the rush of blood through your veins, the heat in your cheeks, heart palpitations, you know that kind of love.

Then there are those (like myself) who have walked that path, only to have our tender heart trampled upon, but still with that hope that somewhere out there is a great guy. Yes, there are some great guys out there. So don’t lose hope.
To those who have lost that wonderful love of your life to an accident or illness, my deepest sympathies. After your heart heals, God can give you the gift of love again.

For those who long for that special someone, I just want to share a few things I’ve learned.

First and foremost – Let God write your love story. After all He is the author, the maker of love. He created you. He knows your heart probably better than you do. So trust Him to find you that lifelong partner. The one who compliments you and you compliment him.
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Second, keep Jesus first. He is your boyfriend, your husband, your lover. Until He chooses to give you to another, you belong to Him. Pray for your future husband. I used to pray for my husband’s health, well-being and most of all that he would draw close to the Lord. I didn’t know his name, didn’t know where he lived, but I prayed for him.

Third, become the person you need to be, to draw the attention of the man you want. It is a universal truth that like attracts like. We all know a man is attracted to an attractive woman. Men are visual, right? But a man wants to be with a woman based upon how she makes him feel. I don’t mean that you make him feel needed by being needy. What I mean is make him feel smart, strong, and handsome and he’ll come back for more.

Fourth, put yourself out there. No, I don’t me trolling the bars. The odds are stacked against you that you’ll find an honorable, respectable, hardworking, fun guy in a bar. Go places and do things that you enjoy and you’ll meet a like-minded man.

If you enjoy nature walks and hiking, join a group of others and head for the trails. Do you like cooking? Then take a cooking class or two. Volunteer with a local organization whose cause you believe in. Hey, you never know, while you’re scrap booking with the seniors some good looking grandson decides to stop by and say hi to grandma.

Me? I met my husband at a church singles conference. It worked!

Now, you might be thinking right about now, “but all I attract are losers”. Then we need to strengthen your loser radar. I’ll cover that another time. Or you’re saying, “I’ve waited so long all ready”. I understand, I waited seven years. But God’s delays are not His denials.

Trust me. God wants to write your love story. He loves you with a depth and passion you can’t possibly grasp. Think about the great love stories in the Bible. He made Eve for Adam, gave Rebekah to Isaac, and blessed Ruth with Boaz. He wants to bless you too, or is it you two.

When I see a woman in love with the man God has chosen for her, there is an incredible chemistry, it’s like the air is charged when the two are together. Trust God to give you the desires of your heart. Be patient, don’t settle, and when you least expect it, there he’ll be. I know it’s a cliché, but I’ve found it to be true.

Has God written your love story?

Authorship of Love
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