Growing up in small towns and moving a lot in my childhood, I found books to be my friends. While most girls wanted to hang out at the mall, I preferred the library. In high school, a teacher expressed enthusiasm for my short stories and encouraged me to write. But college, career, and a busy life postponed my dream.

It wasn’t until the mid-nineties that I attempted to pursue my dream. At that time, I joinedWendy Holley Romance Writers of America. Where I learned how to craft stories from plots to developing characters, writing dialog and crafting memorable themes.

However, the many changes to the publishing industry left little room for new authors and even less for books that didn’t fall into a nice and neat category. Frustrated, I put my dream of being an author on the shelf.

In 2008, my wonderful husband encouraged me to write. I pulled my dream from the shelf, blew the dust off and started writing again. The changes in the industry opened doors that had not existed before. I joined several writing organizations and began the journey of learning what was new in publishing.

I am a writing coach and help writers turn their dreams into reality. If you are a writer or dream of writing a book, please visit Integra Author Services for articles on how to write, the world of publishing, and marketing.

I am currently editing book three in the Sapphire Series. Book four is in draft form . So, be sure to check back periodically for updates or join my email list.

Best Wishes,