Hidden Among the Stars

Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson

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Ms. Dobson weaves together the past with the present in a wonderfully, gripping story of sacrifice, loyalty, and intrigue.
It all started when Callie finds an old edition of Bambi that opens a window into 1938. The once forbidden book holds a cryptic list that may lead to long lost treasure.
The Nazis are taking valuable possessions as Hitler’s troops descend upon Vienna. Wealthy Austrian Max Dornbach vows to help his Jewish friends hide their possessions. He recruits the help of his dear friend Annika, the caretaker’s daughter who he grew up with and knows he can trust with his secret.
When Max brings Luzia, a young Jewish woman to hide in the castle, Annika’s feelings for Max are complicated. When Nazis arrive at the castle it threatens everything Max had planned.
Present day, Callie finds herself growing restless running a bookstore with her sister. When she is offered the opportunity to discover what happened the owner of the book Bambi and embark upon an adventure, she must venture outside her comfort zone. When accompany a widow with his young daughter, Callie must heal the wounds of her past for a chance at love.
I listened to the audiobook version and was impressed with the expert narration, tone, voices, and dialect were expertly performed.

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Intrigue from the past meets present

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